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Lost Cause
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Well, I'm a gal who loves playing videogames, writing stories, drawing. I'm currently in computer graphics and plan on graduating with a BA on Print and Web. That is, if I got enough money to pay for the insane tuition bill. :P I orginally went into 3D animation and found that I didn't like it much. Too many hours and it was just an ungrad class. I hardly saw my parents and, on my luck days, got 3 hours rest. It was too painful and I couldn't stand it, even when I got the only A in the class. Half the class failed and most got C's and very few got B's. In any account, now that that's behind me, I hope to use my BA to create my own publishing business. Because I've wanted to be a comic artist for such a long time, I hope to publish my comics this way along with writing novels that correspond with them.

I draw my inspiration as an artist from people like Julie Bell, Andy Kubert, and Jim Lee. Gawd, their work is tremendously beautiful. Julie Bell just rocks with her oil paints and made me think of color and dramatic/realistic scenery. Andy Kubert and Jim Lee just did it for me. Their works are dropdead gorgeous. They've both inspired me to convey expression with just the look of the eyes or simple gesture. Other people who've helped me include my drawing/painting professor, April. She was so terrific and open minded and told me to go for it. She also told me to take myself as a serious Hispanic artist in anglo-cultured society. I really need to keep embracing that part of me and I hope my sci-fi personal and pet project allows me to do that. And finally, my *other* professor, Mr. Lawton. Jeezus, this guy has really made me relook my pencil work. So far his advice has been paying off. I'm more loose and thinking more about space than constantly minding the details. This man was definitely an asshole, but he was a genius too.

Because I love to write stories and am preparing myself for the mega one I've been thinking up since I was 10, I love to read things by nathaniel hawthorne. His characters really drive the story and his plots definitely make you want to gasp for air. I've also become a fan of Chinhua Achebe. His works based on Africa during the occupation days is provoking. He coulda gone the route other writers did by making it seem one culture was to blame for the fall of another. But he's bluntly honest and his characters unyielding. "Things Fall Apart" has definitely been a powerful piece of fiction I've read in a long time. "Girls at War" definitely falls after that. Finally, I'm also in love with horror fiction. I'm very in *love* with Jemiah Jefferson's work. Her vampire stories are intriguing and fresh and absolutely to die for. It's strange that I've fallen in love with one of her characters, Orfeo Ricari, even if he's just a man described in words. Anyway, she's a writer who isn't afraid to take risks and has even inspired me to take some of my own. ^_^

I'm obsessed with Dante, of the Devil May Cry videogame series. It's currently going multiplatform so it should gain a bigger audience. An anime series is already out and looks great. I wish there to be an English dubbed though since the Japanese VA sounds very lifeless. I hope Reuben Langford (voice actor of Dante) dubs it in English since he's a great actor and wonderful person. I'm also obsessed with, like I mentioned earlier, Jefferson's Orfeo Ricari. He's such a cool character and a total hypocrite. Of course, he ws brought up in the Pre-Vatican II era, so who can blame him? :-P

Things I hate... cockroaches (flying ones especially), boring movies, vegetables like green beans, people who are full of themselves (with the exception of DMC's Vergil, of course, lol), diarrhea, the flu, prejudice, double standards, women's rights being decided by only the elite few (I'm looking at you, Supreme Court), being underappreciated, people more talented than me (sniff... sniff...), women with hot guys, crazy and creepy guys (whom I seem to attract all the time for some reason...), cigarettes, drugs, booze, hardcore conservatives, accidentally stepping in dog poop, sweating under my armpits, and... er, cockroaches??? (seriously, I hate them that much)
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