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July 2009


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Jul. 6th, 2009

HOLY CRAP - Ripley


This is based off the journal pistolrush showed me. Here's a list of facts about Seth. Be forewarned, heavy stuff. O__O

01. Full name - Sorry, but that's a secret since it's a plot spoiler in my story with Seth. :D However... Seth's real name, his first name anyway, is "Julius".

02. Best friend - Seth is a loner, unfortunately. :( His werewolf traits are too dangerous. In the past, he's accidentally eaten friends. O_o He, like the others of his kind, can’t control the lust to eat. So yeah. While Seth is very friendly and approachable, he’s still a very hostile creature during the Full Moons. Because of this he doesn’t maintain many friends. He moves on from town to town before developing any solid attachments.

03. Sexuality - Bisexuality. Obviously. :D I will say, though, that because Seth prefers being male, he prefers the company of men as male. I think some of you already know why based off the comments I left on Helene and Isabella. :p

04. Favorite color - All of them. XD He loves how pairs of colors can form something outrageous. The brighter it is the better. His least favorite colors are black and white though. He considers them too dull.

05. Relationship status - Single. While he's had a lot of flings, he doesn't have relationships for the same reason he doesn't have friends.

06. Ideal mate - A combination of Clark Gabriel and Dr. Frank-N-Furter :D

07. Odd Skills/Skills in general - His werewolf abilities gives him a wide range of hunting down a predator. Like bats, he can gain information from the sound waves emitted from his prey. He can also detect the presence of supernatural energies, this due to the fact his kind was created by Lucifer.

08. Last Amusing Escapade - hehe, too many to list here, especially since he's 'hustled' and has been involved in some underground adult movies to pay the rent >_>

09. Favorite food - rare meat

10. Crushes – Mostly Betty Davis, Tina Turner, and Billy Idol, but he’s got tons of others, both old and recent

11. Favorite music - EIGHTIES! Of course! lol His favorite bands are Missing Persons, DuranDuran, Depeche Mode, among a few

12. Biggest fear – losing control

13. Biggest fantasy – Being reunited with his dead family

14. Quirks – Seth is a clean freak; he wants to keep everything in order

15. Bad habits – aside from being a druggies and a smoke addict, he used to have a bad problem controlling his sexual urges. In his attempt to redeem himself and ‘cleanse’ himself from all ‘impure thoughts’, he had entered the priesthood and was successful for awhile. But he didn’t bold so well in the long run… See #19 >_> Also, Seth has an annoying habit of chewing on his lower lip whenever he’s uncomfortable

16. Biggest regret – Using his extraordinary voice to lure victims to their death sentences. O__O The other regret? Hooking up with a psycho that used him for snuff films. O______O

17. Best kept secrets – …………………………Seth had a major crush on his father when he was a boy. He’s still secretly fascinated by him to this day. it's why he likes having mirrors around when having smex. He imagines himself being with his father. O______________O

18. Last thought – “I’m hungry.” or.... "Save me."

19. Worst sexual/romantic experience – a Bishop discovering Seth ‘occupied’ with three priests and two nuns during a holy visit. >_> He got kicked outta the priesthood after that, proving to be a ‘distraction’

20. Biggest insecurity – being unable to deal with the past. Seth is always on the move and is trying to find redemption for all the people’s he’s killed during his not-so-nice-days.

That's it!

for now.... O___O